Sunday, January 11, 2009

Our gardening plans put to the test!

When Martin Luther King said: "I have a dream......", his biggest challenge, I think was to convince his "own"people that they should have that dream too. So it is with our gardens too. Some of you who have contributed with seeds and money might have thought we have eloped and that this was all a scam, but we have been fighting big battles around here to make people see the benefit of such a garden. We have planted...and then the seeds does not get watered, we had to beg people to just clear a piece of their garden so that we could come and help them start a garden..... challenging, I'm telling you!

Then on Thursday night we went to one of the gardens and was totally disheartened to find the garden overgrown with weeds..until my eye caught something green..........could that, yes it is.......a MARROW!!!!! Wait, there is another one...and a butternut squash and some peppers...and potatoes and tomatoes......Oh man we were overjoyed!!!! It made the struggle so worth while...amazing!!!!!

I will post some dishes that I prepared with the marrow in the meantime here are a few pictures to just keep you updated.